Infused Snortable Cacao

Published 21 July 2017


Orlando-based dietary supplement producer Legal Lean has launched a new brand of snortable chocolate powder.

Infused Snortable Cacao

Coco Loko

Orlando-based dietary-supplement producer Legal Lean has launched a brand of snortable chocolate powder called Coco Loko. The product, which costs $24.99 per 1.25oz can, is a blend of raw cacao, gingko biloba, taurine and guarana (of which the latter three can all be found in energy drinks).

The brand claims the powder provides a 30-minute buzz, lifting mood, reducing anxiety and providing a hit of energy, much like the effect of an energy drink - minus the associated sugar crash.

Available only to those aged 18 and over, the product was inspired by the increased popularity in Europe for cacao ingested as a stimulant, as tracked by Stylus in New Food Covetables.

The product is aimed at those who frequent regular social events, participate in sport and those who are looking to boost their energy.

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