Impossible Foods’ Launches Eco-Footprint Calculator

Published 19 May 2020


As covered in Veganism’s Post-Pandemic Future, sales of plant-based meats have risen during the coronavirus outbreak. As such, US plant-based burger company Impossible Foods has seen a spike in demand for its alt-meat products, prompting the company to secure $500million to boost the business’s manufacturing capacity. The brand has now also launched an online Impact Calculator, enabling individuals and businesses to calculate how much of their land, water and greenhouse gas footprints they reduce when choosing to eat a plant-based Impossible Burger instead of a conventional cow’s meat burger.

Impossible Foods’ Launches Eco-Footprint Calculator

Impossible Foods

The online tool makes it especially easy for restaurants, hospitals, universities and stadiums to easily calculate their ‘environmental footprint savings’ when providing larger volumes of Impossible Burgers to greater numbers of consumers. According to a company press release, the Impossible Burger uses 87% less water, 96% less land, 89% less greenhouse emissions and contributes 92% less freshwater pollution than a burger made from cows.

 “The Impact Calculator helps people understand how much they are helping protect and restore our planet every time they choose an Impossible Burger instead of a burger from a cow - then they can share their results, raise visibility, and accelerate the urgent shift to a plant-based food system”, explains Rebekah Moses, head of Impact Strategy at Impossible Foods.

This level of transparency when it comes to food production will resonate with values-led consumers that prioritise provenance and food safety and could pave the way for more vigilant food labelling systems, as explored in Veganism’s Next Leap Forward. See also The Post-Vegan Opportunity for more on the complex conversation around sustainability and plant-based diets.