Fast-Food Restaurants Become Mini Supermarkets

Published 23 March 2020


As the hospitality industry feels the strain from government lockdowns, some restaurants are reimagining themselves as mini grocery stores to ease the burden on supermarkets and protect at-risk restaurant jobs.

Fast-Food Restaurants Become Mini Supermarkets


UK fast-food chain Leon is working with London-based hospitality company Absolute Taste to sell pre-packaged, restaurant-quality meals and sauces straight to the public via deliveries, and in-person at the chain’s 64 restaurants across the UK.

Together the two companies are setting up an online portal for customers to order food, and are inviting other restaurants in the UK to get involved. 

Leon’s founder John Vincent said: “Until last week, half of the UK’s meals were provided by restaurants and half by supermarkets. On the one hand, supermarkets can’t cope, on the other, people in the food-service industry are telling their people there are no jobs. For the sake of everyone in the UK, for customers and employees, we need to find a solution fast.”