Shanti Maung

Advisory Strategist

Shanti is an accomplished trend forecasting expert and cultural insights specialist with over seven years’ experience in the field. With expertise in generational nuances, technology and youth culture, Shanti works closely with Stylus clients from a wide range of industries including beauty and hospitality, delivering customised strategic and actionable insights that provide a deep knowledge of trends and inspire innovative thinking.

Having worked in trend reporting and cultural insights roles at Trendera and Sparks & Honey, Shanti joined Stylus in 2022, and is fuelled (both in and outside of work) by an insatiable curiosity and passion for gaining a deeper understanding of the world. When she's not researching or delivering insightful trend presentations, Shanti enjoys applying cultural analysis to reality TV shows and exploring New York’s food scene. As a first-generation American born to Swiss and Burmese parents, Shanti loves to travel to new and exciting places across the globe, always eager to learn about different cultures and ways of life.