Sarah Mohsen

Head of Advisory Solutions

Sarah’s expertise lies in identifying, defining and outlining impactful, highly focused bespoke project briefs and research programs to meet client needs and objectives, as part of the Advisory team. This includes helping identify the most relevant and valuable ways to apply trends intelligence thinking to future strategic challenges, to create exciting, profitable opportunities for clients.

She began at Stylus in 2014, and has been working in her field for 13 years. After studying journalism and communications, she worked for a design-focused trends agency, as well as in sports and entertainment.

At Stylus, she’s worked with multiple clients – including an international food and beverage brand, and a team of designers at a global fixtures company – to create an ongoing programme of trends and insights, helping various departments within their business apply future thinking to their creative strategy and everyday planning.

Helping clients anticipate what’s coming next and then leverage insights for commercial success is what motivates Sarah. Being a wellness coach outside Stylus, her passion for fitness and wellbeing shines through in her professional work. She counts working with people who challenge her to think beyond the obvious and make connections about global, long-term impacts of the trends we see every day as a real perk of the job.