Sarah Garrigan

Chief People Officer

Sarah ensures the Stylus employees have the best experience they can while working here. She takes care of everything from recruitment, onboarding, benefits and training, to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), internal communications and corporate social responsibility.

She joined in 2012, and her career has covered all aspects of human resources across a variety of industries, from banking and aviation insurance to digital TV technology.

Professionally, she's motivated by finding new ways of making work life simpler and more inclusive for teams – which are filled with people who have demanding jobs. Personally, as a mum to three small children, she’s fascinated by their development, watching them grow into their own very different and independent personalities. But she treasures any 10-minute stretch that allows her to drink a hot cup of tea and read a book.

Naturally, Sarah loves the people she works with. “It’s a privilege to work alongside the brightest thinkers in the industry, they are an inspiration,” she says. “My work at Stylus is ever-changing, which makes it interesting. From researching new policies, to defining people strategy, to setting our DEI agenda – there’s always something new to work on, which challenges me professionally.”