Pia Benthien

Assistant Trends Editor, Technology

Pia covers bleeding-edge tech topics at Stylus, writing about the ways in which technology, innovation and scientific discovery are influencing global consumer behaviours.

She joined Stylus in 2022 after a six-year-long career working on the creative teams of multiple software and mobility start-ups. Having a background in fashion communications, she particularly enjoys forecasting future intersections of technology and visual culture.

Her work explores everything from the rapid ascent of AI to the shifting green-tech landscape and the uncharted future of software, which she considers to be the glue holding our digital world together.

“Deciphering the meaning behind grand-scale technology trends is what makes my job at Stylus so exciting,” she says. “I’m intrigued by how impossibly futuristic-seeming innovations eventually trickle down into the minutiae of everyday life for billions of people.”