Nia Pejsak

Advisory Director

As Advisory Director at Stylus, Nia's skills as a futurist take her on a relentless quest for what’s new, what’s next and what that means for her clients in global brands and agencies.

She brings a deep understanding and a warm humanity to exploring and explaining emerging consumer trends, inspiring brands and businesses to take action to make a better future. Her work at Stylus has seen her tackle complex research briefs on consumer and product futures, for everyone from Korean automotive companies to billion-dollar American retail brands, European healthcare, beauty and wellness conglomerates, Chinese tech giants and Japanese robotics companies. Nia leads a global team based in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK.

With a background in international marketing and brand strategy, and having worked with global brands such as Mulberry, Net-a-Porter and the former Arcadia Group, she has a wealth of insider knowledge on brand and product development and communication.

A key focus of her work today is on inclusivity and sustainability in product development and brand engagement. She brings original and world-class analysis across diversity, equity and inclusion, and current and future resource challenges, transforming trend insights into responsible and successful commercial opportunities.

Her interest in wellbeing is reflected in her qualification as a yoga instructor, her wellness podcast Well Nice which she co-hosts and produces, and her commitment to her daily ocean swims.