Maya Regan

Assistant Trends Editor, Beauty

Maya’s role sees her scoping out beauty trends and innovations across a wide range of consumer demographics, and then writing about them for Stylus members. With a keen visual eye and a particular interest in youth culture, she leads the Beauty department’s image-based reporting in colour and design. She is also responsible for identifying the latest sustainability initiatives, from ingredients and packaging to ethical sourcing.

Maya joined Stylus in 2020, after having freelanced with its fashion department on the Youth Style Collectives report series since 2018. She highlights her work on the seasonal Design Directions and Sustainability Round-Ups as the projects she is most proud of so far.

Personally, she draws inspiration from her travels, exploring different cultures and perspectives, and attending exhibitions and events – as well as Asian and European cinema.

She enjoys working with a hugely inspiring team of experts who are all passionate about what they do. She says: “I’m constantly learning by being surrounded by exciting and forward-thinking ideas.”