Marian Berelowitz

Senior Trends Editor, US

Marian’s role is diverse, and sees her contributing to multiple teams at Stylus with US-specific coverage on an eclectic mix of topics. She started here in 2016, and worked in trends-related content for around six years before that, after a long-spanning career in journalism.

In 2020, her work shifted to being more focused on racially and culturally diverse consumers in the US and beyond, and the brand campaigns targeting them. She notes leading the Stylus Diversity for a New Decade series of reports as one of her proudest moments at the company, and believes Stylus is becoming a much-needed resource for brands tackling how to connect with culturally diverse consumers.

She is inspired by the responsibilities and opportunities working for Stylus gives her – to help inspire brands to do better for consumers (especially more marginalised groups). Her passion for her craft is obvious – and she thinks it’s almost unbelievable that she gets paid to read interesting articles and follow her curiosity down various fascinating (sometimes surprising) trails!