Margaux Caron

Senior Advisory Strategist 

As senior Advisory strategist at Stylus, Margaux helps businesses build better futures and unlock opportunities amidst uncertainty. She has worked in the futures and trends field for more than 10 years, with a track record of enabling clients to turn trends insights into competitive advantage. With experience at global agencies including Kantar Futures, WGSN, Havas and Mintel, Margaux has devoted much of her career to researching futures, delivering strategic foresight and creating tools to assist clients in planning for what lies ahead.

She has worked with a broad range of international clients from many categories – including beauty and wellness, food and beverage, tech and retail – and has wide-ranging experience across research methodologies in tracking and analysing consumer culture. Driven by exchanging and building insights collectively, Margaux finds her role particularly rewarding when she can lead creative, collective conversations with clients that open up new ways of thinking and unlock strategic pipelines.

Margaux is known for being an enthusiast of futures in all their forms. She loves spending time delving into new and alternative ways of thinking and talking about what tomorrow could look like, and has a current passion for speculative futures, design fiction and applied sci-fi.