Liv Warren

Advisory Researcher

Liv is passionate about understanding consumer behaviours and how these contribute to future trends. Her analytical thinking and in-depth research always aims to offer a deeper understanding of human behaviour, helping to bridge the gap between brands and their customers.

With a degree in anthropology and experience teaching English in Europe, Liv has a strong understanding of cultural theory, cross-cultural communication and the complexity of human behaviour. Research roles in data and change management have honed her analytical skills and flair for interpreting complex data to uncover insights and identify potential for change.

Liv’s personal interest in food trends and cooking is driven by a desire to explore new and creative ways to prepare food as well as a fascination with the ways in which food and cuisines reflect broader cultural trends and practices. Liv is hugely passionate about sustainability, from researching the latest developments set to impact consumers’ lives to supporting Stylus’ own sustainability initiatives and goals.