Lauren Chiu

Head of Colour & Material Trends

Lauren leads our Colour & Materials team and tracks the latest global design and manufacturing innovations, providing in-depth analysis and creative direction to inspire future products, spaces and experiences.

She joined Stylus in 2011, initially as a fashion researcher, with a background in textile design. She brings 10 years’ experience in guiding Stylus’ seasonal colour palettes and material concepts, forecasting two years in advance. Her research spans multiple topics and industries, including art, architecture, transport and technology.

During her time at Stylus, she has worked on client advisory projects for Chanel, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, LG, Valspar and Adidas. She’s particularly proud of her contribution to the Stylus Spotlight Trends, Sustainable Fashion: A How-To Guide, and The Sensory Opportunity.

Lauren is an advocate of craftsmanship and design that is aesthetically pleasing, yet purposeful. Her passions lie in discovering new aesthetics and cultures, storytelling, and creating compelling visual narratives that provoke emotion and positive action.

She enjoys working with the brilliant, creative people at Stylus, whose inquisitive minds and progressive ideas motivate her every day.