Kenneth Bronfin

Director, Stylus & Senior Managing Director, Hearst Ventures

Kenneth A. Bronfin is senior managing director of Hearst Ventures, the corporate venture capital unit of the Hearst Corporation.

Bronfin joined Hearst in 1996 and has held a number of leadership positions at the company. He previously served as President of Hearst Interactive Media and Technology Group which led Hearst’s efforts in digital media alongside the company’s media operating groups.

Under Bronfin’s leadership, Hearst Ventures has grown to become one of the most active and successful corporate venture funds in the world with more than $1 billion invested to date. Hearst Ventures currently operates in the United States, China, Europe and Israel. In addition to Bronfin’s role driving the growth and success of Hearst Ventures, he also acts as a strategic resource to Hearst businesses as they pursue their own digital operational and M&A strategies.
Previously, Bronfin was with NBC for over 10 years, where he served as general manager of NBC’s digital television group, a founder of the Interactive Media Group and vice president of NBC Cable and Business Development.
In addition to his responsibilities serving on the boards of Hearst Venture’s portfolio businesses, Bronfin also serves on the Board of Directors of Hasbro Corporation, as well as a broad array of civic, educational, and not-for-profit social services boards.

Bronfin holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree in business from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.