Katie Devlin

Assistant Trends Editor, Fashion

Katie helps track, forecast and analyse fashion trends, focusing on youth style, cohorts and culture. She contributes to a variety of Stylus content – from Brief posts and quarterly sustainability round-ups, to influencer debriefs, calendar forecasts and Directions.

Katie has worked in the fashion industry for more than five years, and joined Stylus in 2019. She’s been on the editorial teams at multiple fashion publications across Dublin, London and New York.

Her work is driven by a desire to truly understand consumer behaviours and attitudes towards fashion, and she takes great reward in presenting findings to clients in ways they can understand and apply.

She is motivated by the breadth of experience and knowledge that the collective team at Stylus brings to the table. She says: “There is always something new to learn, and the cross-industry perspective makes for an environment where you’re constantly learning and discovering new ideas.”