Katie Baron

Content Director

Katie heads up Stylus’ Brand Engagement divisions, which include trends analysis, brand strategy and horizon-scoping work across the fields of Retail & Brand Comms and Pop Culture & Media. She likes to think of her role as helping businesses spot new opportunities, navigating the now but also reimagining what’s coming next (as opposed to just preparing for it).

She joined Stylus in 2010, and has been in forecasting for around 12 years. Prior to that, she worked for brand agencies as well as in-house for companies. She is also a senior contributor to Forbes, and has written two books on the intersections of visual culture (Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries and Fashion + Music: The Creatives Shaping Pop Culture). She is an inaugural member of the London College of Fashion’s digital anthropology lab, and has spoken at events including CogX, Milan Design Week, WRLDCTY and the Retail Design Expo.

She finds it exciting to be creating thought-provoking work that has the capacity to catalyse positive change – whether it’s subtle and incremental, or quite radical. Outside of Stylus, she relishes the opportunity to use her articles to highlight people, stories, ideas and businesses that deserve a bigger platform and voice.