Kat Pegg

Head of Operations – Advisory

Kat’s role is to ensure Stylus Advisory projects are delivered on time and to the best quality. Her work spans resourcing, commercials and logistics, with a focus on multimedia deliverables, like trend videos and dedicated client portals. She’s also a key point of contact for cross-team collaboration at Stylus, and she believes it’s this thinking that really makes a difference to Stylus’ success. As part of this, she’s also a Stylus Wellness Champion and a member of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

She’s worked in operations for 15 years, and started at Stylus in 2014. Previously a qualified ski guide, she was responsible for keeping groups of people alive on mountains under the threat of avalanches, before going off-piste and making the shift into trends. It’s there she learned all about building trust, staying safe, and keeping things interesting and fun – so there are lots of unexpected parallels with her current role.

Kat thrives on complexity and timelines – embracing projects with many moving parts, keeping them to deadline, troubleshooting, and ensuring they’re delivered to the highest standards. “What really motivates me is making the process and people work together seamlessly – and troubleshooting as I go,” she says. “This can include everything from working with our strategists and researchers on project content to collaborating with videographers on animation.’

She is most proud when the team finds effective ways to support our members in embedding trends into their businesses and across their teams, having seen first-hand how clients are inspired by Stylus Advisory’s work, and how video elevates the ways businesses share trends research.

Kat is thrilled she gets to work with some of the most intelligent and fascinating minds in the business at Stylus, as well as the breadth of international clients.