Isabel Nascimento

Trends Analyst

Isabel’s role in the Stylus Advisory team is to find the most innovative pieces of information that answer clients’ specific briefs. Working closely with the team’s strategists, she interprets these findings and distils them into commercial and actionable insights.

She came to Stylus in 2019, starting as an Advisory Researcher, after deciding she wanted to shift from the creative side of designing and visualising trends reports for WGSN – where she worked as a graphic designer – to creating the content within them. Having been interested and involved in the trends industry since she moved to the UK from Portugal to study 10 years ago, her attention to detail and care for her work shine brightly through.

Isabel’s love for her work comes from her unique ‘insider’ position to help brands and businesses build bridges between what’s happening in the wider world and tapping commercial opportunities – something she cares about deeply. This allows her to promote a positive future that mutually benefits businesses, people and the planet.