Annie Corser

Senior Trends Editor, Pop Culture & Media

Annie leads Stylus’ Pop Culture & Media analysis and insight, tracking the shifts, trends and engagement experiences emerging from the social media, TV and film, gaming and music content that gets people talking.

An advocate of the principle that internet culture is the key to understanding human behaviour now and in the future, Annie uses her expertise in cultural critique to connect the dots between our digital experiences and the broader entertainment landscape, and unearth the brand opportunities that arise in both spaces.

She’s been working in cultural intelligence, trend forecasting and futures for the past four years, building insights in media and entertainment, social change, semiotics and consumer dynamics. Prior to moving into these fields, she was editor of the Royal College of Music magazine and was a writer and editor at think tanks concerned with geopolitics, economics, international relations, humanitarianism and conflict studies.

Annie believes in the value of investing in how ideas are delivered: alongside deep-dive written analysis, she is passionate about presenting new thinking in shared forums and offering knowledge in open, accessible spaces that invite dialogue and drive positive social and cultural change.