Zara’s Store Mode Supercharges Click & Collect

Published 29 July 2021

Matt Zara

Enhancing the click-and-collect process, Spanish fashion brand Zara’s Store Mode concept, housed within its app, offers customers real-time inventory information and rapid collection times, allowing them to choose the path to purchase that suits their needs. At the same time, this technology reduces shipping and return costs for the brand – an increasingly costly problem for clothing retailers.

Zara’s Store Mode Supercharges Click & Collect

Store Mode within the Zara app

Originally intended for limiting physical interaction during the pandemic, Store Mode, trialled in Spanish stores in September 2020, is now available in the UK, Spain and Japan, and will be extended to stores across Europe and the US later this year.

How it Works:

  • Click & Go: Selecting Store Mode within the Zara app lets shoppers check in to any store, showing only the products and sizes available in that specific location in real time. After browsing, a Click & Go feature enables users to purchase items in-app for collection in 30 minutes via an on-screen QR code.

    When customers arrive at the store, codes are either scanned by a store assistant or (at the Westfield shopping centre in west London) at an automated collection point, where a robotic arm retrieves the order from the stockroom to a windowed kiosk.

    QR codes are stored in-app, serving as digital receipts and expediting the checkout process while also reducing paper waste.
  • Click & Find: If shoppers don’t want to buy an item in-app before seeing it physically, they can opt for the Click & Find function instead. This uses geolocation to quickly navigate them to items in-store via an on-screen map, minimising the time spent searching for an item or speaking to a store assistant. 
  • Click & Try: The app’s Click & Try function allows users to reserve fitting rooms, circumnavigating potentially lengthy queues. The store assistant simply scans the in-app reservation QR code to grant the customer access to their booked changing room. 

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