Cause Marketing Campaign of the Year: Aeromexico

Published 27 December 2019


Immigration remains a contentious concern across many societies. In North America, Mexican airline Aeromexico chipped away at the mental wall between these two countries to entice more US citizens south of the border.

Cause Marketing Campaign of the Year: Aeromexico

"Mexico's first destination is America. But America's first destination is not Mexico," opens the ad. To try and balance this relationship, the airline decided to show those who are convinced they want none of Mexico that they already have ties to the country. Since Mexicans have migrated north for centuries (and the border has nudged south to encompass once-Mexican communities), it turns out many Americans already have Mexican heritage.

Aeromexico proved this by letting individuals run DNA tests – and then offering discount rates based on their share of Mexican DNA. So someone with 18% heritage would get 18% off. It turned out that 54% of people who tried the offer at AeroMexico travel agencies in the US in January 2019 had Mexican ancestors.

This campaign is our 2019 standout – firstly because it finishes strong on the statement: "There are no borders within us." And secondly, because Aeromexico has a direct commercial interest linked to its positioning on this cause, saving it from accusations of mere virtue-signalling.

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