C-List: New Beauty Platform Caters to People with Cancer

Published 02 March 2021

Matt Zara
Rebecca Hobbs

The C-List is the first beauty platform aimed at people with cancer, centring on advice and suitable products. Despite one in two Brits and 40% of Americans being diagnosed during their lifetime (Cancer Research /NCI, 2021), this sizeable demographic has been significantly underserved – a point the platform’s founders want to rectify.

C-List: New Beauty Platform Caters to People with Cancer

The C-List

Based in the UK, the community-centric portal was born out of an Instagram Live discussion between make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon and cancer campaigner Helen Addis last summer.

Cancer treatments can cause significant changes to the appearance and texture of the skin, hair and nails, meaning patients often have to switch out their beauty favourites for more gentle, ‘baby’ products instead. The C-List is a curation of existing cancer-friendly products – the ingredients of which have been verified by dermatologists and oncologists as safe for those experiencing ulcerated, thinning or greying skin, hair loss and blackened nails.

Trading on trusted, brand-agnostic advice and community connections, the platform does not facilitate sales directly, but instead uses affiliate links which take visitors to other sites where they can purchase the recommended products. All profits made through these links go towards gifting a C-List user each month – usually with a spa day or product hamper.

A ‘Tips & Tricks’ tab provides video tutorials on topics such as eyebrow mapping (eyebrows often thin out during chemotherapy), while a ‘Let’s Chat’ community page gives those living with cancer a space to share stories and tips, such as how to tell children about a diagnosis.

The brand’s long-term ambition is the creation of an internationally certified logo that clearly identifies cancer-friendly products, akin to those for vegans or people with coeliac disease.

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