Snapchat’s Bitmoji Social Game

Published 22 December 2020


Snapchat's original game Bitmoji Paint lets hundreds of players at a time hop into and around digital canvases to create huge collaborative pixel artworks.

Snapchat’s Bitmoji Social Game

Bitmoji Paint

Snapchat users enter the game through the platform's chat function and their Bitmoji avatars (cartoon versions of themselves). They can pick from a number of live and editable canvases visualised as planets floating in space. Once they join a canvas, they can work on digital artworks with other users, or just explore and hang out with friends. In addition to using animated emotes from Bitmoji's stock library to communicate, there is also a voice chat channel where people can talk to their friends while drawing.

To enhance their avatars, stand out, and become a more versatile artist, users can purchase a number of digital costume items and tools like roller skates and paint rollers in exchange for Snap's new microtransaction currency Snap Tokens (this function is currently only available to Android users).

The Snap-owned Bitmoji service for emotive avatar stickers is available across social platforms like Facebook and Slack. Once created, users' avatars are persistent and move freely across applications. In June 2020, Snap started rolling out Bitmoji for Games, extending the reach of its avatars into games from third-party developers like Mattel and Nickelodeon across mobile, desktop, and console games. The fabric of the social internet is shifting from content towards activities shared in real-time, and Snap's Bitmoji strategies are moving its brand towards the core of casual social gaming.

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