Furniture in 100% Traceable Leather

Published 24 September 2021


Tapping into the increasing demand for material transparency and responsibility, Danish furniture brand Fredericia has launched a collection of pieces furbished with 100% traceable leather, where individual hides are tracked from field to final product.

Furniture in 100% Traceable Leather


The initiative is a collaboration with Danish tannery Spoor, which pioneers the tracking system.

Using laser technology, Spoor imprints each hide with a unique identification number, providing a full profile on the animal, including its breed, country of origin and the abattoir responsible for slaughtering. The code remains in situ throughout the whole tanning process.

This comprehensive data allows brands to select raw materials according to specific criteria and sustainability metrics; while for consumers, it provides provenance and environmental and ethical transparency.

In the case of Fredericia, customers can opt for leather traceable to individual cattle on Northern European fields, thus guaranteeing the highest animal welfare standards.

The concept mirrors transparency and traceability systems from the food industry that are already standard practice – see Meat’s Optimistic Future and Starbucks’ Traceable Coffee for some examples.

For the leather industry, such traceability/transparency tactics are becoming more vital, especially as the vegan leather market continues to grow, and holistic sustainability (including low-impact and socially responsible practices) is impacting purchase habits amongst eco-conscious consumers.

For more on improving traditional leather practices, see Material Direction: Redressing Leather. And for more digital tools for conscious consumption, see Eco-Ethical Retail Tech.