Streetwear-Inspired Beauty Targets Sneakerheads

Published 09 August 2019

Disha Daswaney

Beauty brands are seeking creative ways to engage with a niche consumer tribe: sneakerheads. Catering to their edgy skater aesthetic, brands are collaborating with creatives and offering fresh avenues of experimentation and self-expression.

Streetwear-Inspired Beauty Targets Sneakerheads

Graffiti Collective
  • Borrowing from Sneakerhead Culture: US premium sportswear label Kith is collaborating with global beauty brands to launch limited-edition beauty collections called Beauty Quickstrikes. The aim is to encourage women to try new beauty and wellness products every month.

    Each beauty box contains curated products that are specially designed in skater-inspired packaging (yet to be released). Kith’s first collection with beauty brand Estee Lauder sold out and included five classic skincare products, such as Advanced Night Repair Serum and Lip Conditioner.

    The brand’s use of the term ‘quickstrikes’ (a pair of limited-edition trainers) is aiming to recreate streetwear’s hype culture in the beauty industry. It primarily taps into the idea of exclusivity and open-source collaboration that is vital to the success of this sector. 

  • Launching a Collective: US skincare start-up Graffiti Collective is a street-art-inspired skincare brand that debuted with four colourful face masks for all skin types. Pure Grit is an electric blue exfoliating mask for oily skin that contains walnut shells and papaya enzyme.

    The brand’s collective element is formed by its relationships with artists around the world, who help design Graffiti Collective’s packaging. The first set of boxes was created by Belgian street illustrator Kitsune Jolene.

    Graffiti Collective’s concept also aims to invite beauty consumers to unleash their creative side by combining skincare with finger-painting. Each brightly coloured mask is meant to be worn as warpaint, and consumers are encouraged to experiment with the bold hues. The brand is cleverly tapping into the multi-masking trend, as consumers are instructed to apply the products to different areas of their face.

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Graffiti Collective
Kith x Estee Lauder