Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals for the Modern Age

Published 07 April 2020

Disha Daswaney

Ayurvedic philosophies are being reimagined by Western indie beauty brands as they introduce ancient practices to the modern world. In a bid to help consumers overcome daily woes such as tired eyes, brands are developing unconventional rituals, like eye washing, into viable products.

Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals for the Modern Age

Paavani Ayurveda's Eye Wash Ritual

Smart brands are positioning holistic products as preventative beauty and healthcare solutions for modern-day consumers. In an era of increased screen time, US personal care brand Paavani Ayurvedic’s Eye Wash Ritual is providing consumers with the tools and ancient wisdom of this lesser-known practice to keep tired eyes hydrated. Once a week, users are encouraged to fill a glass wash cup with water and press the cup to the eye and blink several times to keep the area hydrated. The kit includes a glass eye cup and floral water with rose and lavender to reduce inflammation and soothe red eyes.

As we explore in The Ayurvedic Opportunity, spiritually minded consumers are being inspired by old-school philosophies, and actively looking beyond Western ideals and belief systems for holistic products. In particular, Ayurveda is a massive opportunity – the global market is expected to reach $11.4bn by the end of 2025 (Market Watch, 2019). By providing the tools needed to carry out Ayurvedic practices with easy-to-use kits, Paavani Ayurvedic is reinterpreting elements of tradition. The eye-washing kit comes with an accessible how-to guide on the website and a pre-made floral water mixture.

New-age consumers are acknowledging the gaps for natural treatments within the Western beauty and wellness markets. As a result, they are tapping into Eastern-inspired philosophies as a form of contemporary self-care and starting to embrace niche rituals. The introduction of seemingly unusual customs into these consumers’ routines, such as eye washing, will further drive the modernisation of old-school traditions in beauty. To read more about the blurring of health and beauty, see Science-Backed Spirituality and Instagangs: Beauty’s Alternative Spiritualists.