Digital Summer Camps for US Kids in Quarantine

Published 29 May 2020

As a result of Covid-19, most of the 12,000 summer camps attended by 11 million children across the US have been cancelled for 2020 – leaving kids disappointed, and parents without childcare. To plug this gap, companies are offering online versions of these outdoor getaways, enabling access to entertainment and activities from home.

Digital Summer Camps for US Kids in Quarantine

Camp Supernow

Camp Supernow is a new two-week online experience designed for kids aged seven to 11 that replicates some of the traditional elements of a sleep-away camp. This includes the provision of camp councillors, virtual field trips and nature walks, craft activities and camp songs. The camp costs $100 per week, with a portion of profits helping to subsidise places for children of healthcare workers.

Meanwhile, summer camp company KOA Sports League in Rockvillie, Maryland, is asking families to allow groups of five to nine campers (including their own kids) plus two camp councillors to camp out in their backyards for a period of time. Participants need to test Covid-19-free before attending this innovative twist on the real deal. Volunteer families receive a 50% discount on the cost of the experience. What is the cost?

Although neither solution is a perfect replication of the authentic camp experience, they go some way to offering fun and enrichment over the summer months, and are great examples of agile brand problem-solving.

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