Marta Indeka

Researcher – Consumer Attitudes & Technology

Marta’s work explores emerging attitudes shaping lifestyles, and the role tech plays in our everyday lives – in the context of how consumers work, relax or play. This translates as writing everything from short, snappy Brief posts to full-length reports that delve deeper into the trends.

Marta joined Stylus in 2021, after completing her Master’s degree in 2020 and having already established a keen interest in trends forecasting.

Her role extends to attending events where experts and innovators get together to define the future, and she enjoys taking in the atmosphere, then crystallising key takeaways for Stylus members. Given a large part of what she does is deciphering consumer attitudes in times of unprecedented lifestyles, she finds that the current landscape is making her job feel particularly timely, and as challenging as it is fascinating.

A naturally curious person, Marta explores cultural nuances and different kinds of people through travel, in both a personal and professional context. Working closely with a dedicated and passionate team of experts from all backgrounds leads her to say: “I couldn’t think of a more inspiring and creative environment to work in!”