Jeizel Rosenthal

Chief Commercial Officer – Americas

Jeizel’s role is to provide leadership to the commercial team in the Americas, driving business growth. She joined Stylus in 2012, as a business development manager, then moved over to the Member Success side to focus on client satisfaction and retention. She then managed the Member Success team, helping to standardise account management processes before assuming the responsibility of overseeing the entire commercial team in the Americas, including sales.

She is driven by a hunger for intelligence, having always been an insatiably curious learner. She started her professional career in marketing, where she became obsessed with understanding consumer behaviour, motivations and how they interact with brands. A pivot into fashion exposed her to the world of trend forecasting, and after that, she knew exactly what she was meant to be doing.

She loves that Stylus is helping to shape better futures for businesses – and is passionate about the future, sales, and the future of sales. “I’m incredibly lucky that I get to combine all of my passions into one with my work here,” she says. ‘Being at Stylus for a decade now means I’ve seen so many of the trends we predicted come to fruition. That, coupled with the very real business benefits realised by our clients who have had access to the insights we provide, is incredibly validating.”