Christian Ward

Head of Multimedia

Christian is responsible for building new ways for our clients to access and consume Stylus content across digital, video, audio and interactive formats.

He began at Stylus in 2012, initially as head of Pop Culture & Media. Prior to that, he worked in public relations for the BBC, was head of publicity for the music platform, and was a music journalist for NME.

The Stylus Future Thinking podcast he created – which now has over 100 episodes – has provided Christian with the opportunity to speak with some amazing creatives and thought-leaders, like Thomas Heatherwick, Trinny Woodall, and Benedict Evans.

Working for Stylus feeds his curiosity, and allows him the freedom to experiment and be creative. He finds motivation in the compelling, innovative and future-facing content our team produces, as well as the way it informs his work and inspires him to find new ways to bring those insights to life. But it’s the exciting developments in media technology – like artificial intelligence – that drive him to constantly make his work better.